Flynn Burner Relocating to North Carolina

December 11, 2014

Flynn Burner Corporation Relocating to North Carolina - Bringing 45 Jobs to Mooresville

MOORESVILLE, NC -- Flynn Burner Corporation, is the world leader in combustion equipment and oven control systems for the food bake industry, as well as supplying technologically advanced equipment for adhesion promotion in the packaging, plastics and paper industries will relocate headquarters and production from New Rochelle, NY to Mooresville North Carolina in March, of 2015. The move will bring over 45 jobs to Mooresville.

Operating under the alias Project Warm, this project came by way of the Charlotte Regional partnership working in collaboration Mooresville-South Iredell Economic Development Corporation.

The Town of Mooresville committed $13,920 per year for 5 years, totaling an investment of

$69,600. This commitment is based on a 3 million dollar investment in the community and the creation of over 45 jobs in Mooresville.

Iredell County committed $11,640 per year for 5 years, totaling an investment of $58,200. This commitment is based on an increased tax value of $3 million. This project was also assisted through incentives assistance with MI Connection.

The total financial commitment of the Town of Mooresville, Iredell County and Incentives assistance with MI Connection is $127,800.

“This type of commitment from a community is what we desired, we are moving here because of the quality of life, the quality of the workforce, the ability to double our facility at a reasonable cost, and the ability to grow Flynn Burner Corporation into a larger stronger company”,  said Dom Medina, President of Flynn Burner Corporation.

“This is another wonderful company to add to the Mooresville Community and Southern Iredell County. With salaries well above the average Iredell County wage, our goal now is to help them continue their success and grow their business moving forward”, Said Robert Carney, Executive Director of The Mooresville-South Iredell Economic Development Corporation.