February 1, 2017



InfraRed-Ribbon Combo Burner by FLYNN BURNERflynn_logo_slide

The Hybrid Burner is a gas burner capable of running a conventional blue flame, typical of most baking ovens today and Infra-Red flame, either independently or together. The properties of infra-red flames have long be known, low NOx and high efficiency. Until now, Infra-red has been difficult to embrace, predominantly because the entire burner would have to be removed and changed out for a regular burner. This can take a day to two days to perform depending on the configuration of the oven and the number of infra-red burners required. With the Hybrid burner, it can be deployed with ease in any oven or any position directly replacing an existing burner. It can be run as a normal burner with absolutely no difference in performance. However, it can be changed, freely and readily between blue flame and Infra-red in a second. Jointly, this benefits both OEM’s and end users alike. For the OEM, he can now learn to configure an oven for use with Infra-red quickly and easily, proving the configuration before the oven is built saving both time and money. For the end user, he can now take advantage of the huge benefits that Infra-red offers, a reduction in gas consumption, as much as 20% has been documented, a reduction in NOx, a reduction in bake time, an increase in consistency and quality.

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