Lazy Flame


 I have an inconsistent and sometimes lazy flame. Blower pressure is normal, suspect dirt/ debris in the regulator. Can I clean the regulator without opening the diaphragm?

A lazy flame usually indicates that the air/gas mixture is gas rich, although there are other less common causes
The solution is to decrease the gas flow by closing the air/gas mixer ratio valve.
Flynn has a video that shows how to do this.
Less common causes are:
The air orifice in the air/gas mixer is partially blocked and/or dirty. 
Disassemble and clean it.
The zero gas pressure regulator has been adjusted or the inlet pressure to the regulator exceeded the inlet pressure rating of the regulator which is 1 psig.
Zero regulators should never be adjusted, or subjected to high pressure.
If they have, they must be replaced
The filter on the combustion air blower is dirty, or the motor is turning backwards.
Clean or replace the filter and check the blower rotation 
If using compressed air, be sure the air is clean and dry and the pressure to the air pressure regulator Is 85-125 psig
Some gas pressure regulators have removable orifices. The regulator can be disassembled and cleaned.